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No one likes starting an article this way, but it's an unfortunate truth that we hope to change. Kids who live on farms are more likely to be injured or killed than their parents or farm workers. Children are naturally curious, so it's important to keep them away from danger. This could be in the form of machinery and equipment, livestock or bodies of water. Keep in mind children under the age of 15 are more vulnerable to on-farm related accidents too. Whilst children learn about farm safety as they develop and grow, they also mimic the behavior of those around them.

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Let's be real. Farming is expensive.

Equipment and machinery are costly to buy let alone maintain. A known struggle if you’re a small business owner.

Farmers have been sharing their farm machinery for centuries and why not, it’s an effective way to curb the price rises. Let’s explore the benefits and pitfalls of owning and sharing farm machinery and what you need to know.

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Undoubtedly you’ve heard about new quad bike rollover protection regulations which have come in. Agriculture and forestry use quad bikes, sometimes called an ATV, as they are a useful tool for many farming jobs.

Quad bikes are designed for an operator who straddles the bike. There are 3 categories of quad bikes:

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Your property, your rules. So how do others know what the rules are? Sure, you can go through this with every person setting foot on your farm. Or you could set up some policies and procedures and maybe an induction or two, to make life a lot easier both now and in the future. This is also a simple way to let others know what you expect from them.

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