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Warts on my calf

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Warts on my calf

Hi all...
I'm new to this site.
I have a problem and just wanting to see if anyone has a good outcome for me.
I have a calf, she is 4 months old and I have realised that she has something like warts around her neck area.
Does anyone know a solution for me of what I should do.
Thanks all in advance


Livestock and pets are prone to many different intestinal parasites. Some of these can cause ill thrift, scouring, anaemia or even death.

Nematodes (such as the deadly barbers pole worm)
Common nematodes found in livestock include the roundworms, black scour and barbers pole worm. These hook into the wall of the stomach or small intestine with specialised mouth parts, make a small cut and then proceed to feed on the blood of the host animal. Each cut creates a small scar, which cannot absorb nutrients. The more scars an animal has, the more it needs to eat to get the same amount of nutrients from the feed. If nematode infestations continue untreated, the animal becomes anaemic and will eventually die. 

Barbers pole worm burdens can build up quickly to deadly levels in sheep and goats. The worms become active after the first spring rains, when the weather starts to warm up. Within 21 days after ingestion, the parasite begins laying 5,000-10,000 eggs per day.  

Barbers pole worm accounts for more livestock deaths in sheep and goats than any other parasite in Australia.

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 The Department of Primary Industries (DPI) is reminding farmers to guard against the contagious disease Leptospirosis, which can be transmitted from  animals to people. Senior Veterinary Officer for Cattle at DPI, Michael Jeffers said the lepto bacteria, as it’s commonly known, can infect cattle, pigs,  horses, sheep and goats.

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La Niña’s arrival has seen the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) issue warnings of worm problems for sheep, alpaca, goats and young cattle.

NSW DPI State Worm Control Coordinator, Stephen Love, said above average summer rain will make worm control very challenging, especially in the north-east corner of NSW. 

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The Department of Agriculture and Food is reminding sheep farmers to check all new rams for ovine brucellosis.
The best time to check rams is before they come onto the farm, but if this is not possible they should be isolated until appropriate checks are performed.

Merredin district veterinary officer Roy Butler said that ovine brucellosis was present in a small number of Western Australian flocks, and ram buyers should take care not to buy infected rams and infect their own flocks.

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Vaccinating your herd with a 5-in-1 vaccine prevents costly stock losses for around 35 cents a dose.

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How Pinkeye Affects You?
While the incidence and severity of pinkeye may vary year on year, one thing remains constant, it’s a frustrating and time consuming disease to treat.
When an outbreak occurs your daily routine can include the hassle of:

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For the first time in 22 years producers have a new drench to control worms in sheep and Industry & Investment (I&I) NSW has advised prudent use to maintain its effectiveness.

State co-ordinator for internal parasites, I&I NSW veterinarian, Stephen Love said monepantel represents a new drench group known as amino-acetonitrile derivatives or AADs.

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Recent rains and green grass point to something more ominous in lush paddocks and Industry & Investment NSW has alerted graziers to watch out for worms.

I&I NSW State worm control coordinator, Stephen Love, said producers should keep an eye out for worms in sheep, goat, alpaca and young cattle, particularly in central and southern NSW.

“These animals will need good worm management during the next few months or they could run into serious problems,” Dr Love said,

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A number of micro-organisms can contribute to the establishment of Infectious Bovine Keratoconjunctivitis (IBK), Cattle Pinkeye, or Blight. These may be viral or bacterial (including Mycoplasma spp).

What is pinkeye?

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