The Rural GROWtunnel

Designed for the dedicated farmer, grow hobbyist, or passionate plant lover, The Rural GROWtunnel offers an enclosed cropping environment that provides protection from wind, rain, hail and intense sun.  This is particularly important in a world where climate change is making weather patterns less predictable and harder for growers to plan their crops.

grow tunnel

The controlled environment of our GROWtunnels reduces crop losses to pests, wind borne diseases, pathogens and spray drift, making it the perfect environment for both organic and conventional food production.

The Rural features a strong galvanised steel frame, specified to  Blueband - BS1387 and durable ‘Solarweave’ 15% shade 160g cover film. Ventilation and climate are easily controlled with adjustable side walls that reveal in-seam stitched insect mesh, and rainwater is collected with integrated guttering.

Benefits of a GROWtunnel

Become A Certified Organic Producer

  • The 2018 Australian Organic Market Report estimates the Australian organics market to be worth $2.6 billion, having grown by almost 88% since 2012,
  • Conversion to organic agriculture is easier with a GROWtunnel,
  • Organic certification services available through our partner, Organic Knowledge.

Quick Return on Investment

  • A Rural GROWtunnel is 25% cheaper than our main Australian competitor,
  • Full ROI can be achieved within the first 12 months of the harvest cycle.

    Contact us to view our GROWtunnel Financial Model.

Increased Efficiencies

  • Extended GROWing season (especially true for temperate regions).
  • Crops out-perform field scale vegetables, reduce losses and are more uniform,
  • Water, compost and other input use is far more efficient than in the paddock,
  • Ergonomic internal bed design reduces labour cost and fatigue,
  • Post harvest crop handling is reduced as  washing of the crops is not needed,
  • Harvest irrigation water from the roof and work on a closed loop system,
  • The Solarweave cover is more durable than regular polytunnels,
  • Using our GROWtunnel SMART SENSORS KIT means you can monitor, water and feed your crops remotely and have a holiday.


Additional services

GROW offers a complete GROWtunnel set up service including site preparation and tunnel construction, we can also provide all internal raised beds, irrigation systems, water storage, organic seedlings and more. Contact us for details.

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