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Looking for advice on tractors. Currently running a 230acre grazing property. Tractor will be mainly used for slashing, spraying, fertilizer spreading, general purpose. Not looking at Chinese. Sticking with knowns due to serviceability. Considering JD5055/JD5075 or Massey Ferguson 2625 (64hp). The JD range have all bells and whistles but 6k dearer. MF is no frills workhorse mechanical everything. Chasing thoughts or experiences with these models. I'm leaning towards MF for price and simplicity. My old tractor is a David Brown 880 (1970) and the old girl is getting tired.
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Hi Blackmount73, Welcome to the small farms forum, nice to have you as part of the community. I loved the old David brown small tractors, we used to have one when I was growing up. In my opinion either brand would do the job for you, is there a difference in the warranty period or after sales service. Are you dealing with a local dealer for both brands? Thanks, Charlie
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G'day Blackmount73, I would agree with a Massey Ferguson. If you are only using it for those small tasks anything within the 65-80hp will be easily sufficient! Cheers, James

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