The top three uses for generators on farms

Many farming procedures and machinery rely on a steady supply of electricity to operate successfully. With the increased uptake of new technology the demand for electrical power on farms is increasing. A shortage of power is a major challenge for most farmers, but generators can provide innovative solutions to power problems. Below are three of the most common uses for generators on a farm. 
1. Providing back-up power
The high demand of power on a farm makes it especially vulnerable during power outages. Power outages are usually unpredictable and can last for days, especially during emergencies such as cyclones, floods or fires. This is not only disruptive to productivity, but costly, especially when activities such as ventilation, cooling, feeding and heating are affected.

Large standby generators are specifically designed for use as back-up power supplies in operations that require strong, reliable power. These heavy-duty units are equipped with large fuel tanks to enable them to run continuously for many hours and even days. 

Smaller portable generators provide convenient and reliable power for lighter energy needs and shorter periods. They are very effective in supplying small appliances, lights and computers with power. Many farm houses use portable generators to provide a power supply to the families who live on the farm – keeping them safe, warm and operational during a power outage.
2. Power in areas without electricity supply
A frequent dilemma that farmers face is that the main source of power is restricted to certain parts of a farm, making off-site operations almost impossible without portable power supply. A portable generator offers the perfect solution as it is a handy and reliable source of power which can be taken to any jobsite. 

Small petrol generators can be used for low demand energy supplies, like providing light or running small power tools. Larger, portable diesel generators are lightweight but robust and powerful, which make for economical, but effective use - even on jobs with tough power demands. 
3. Prime power supplies
Prime power supplies are used as a fixed or main power source to operate continuously or at an extended amount of time. These generators provide plenty of watts and work well at remote sites where there is no, or very limited, access to main electricity supply grids. This makes them especially useful on large farms or farms in remote areas of the country. 

Many farms use these large stationary generators in situations where there are limitations on the amounts of power that can be used from the main supply, or where the power supply is easily overloaded. In some instances it can be cheaper to use a prime power generator instead of electric power from the main power supply. 

A farm without a generator is a farm at risk. Fortunately, the problems of unreliable and insufficient power supplies are easy to solve with the right type of generator. Blue Diamond Machinery in Perth is the leading supplier of power generators across Australia. Contact them today to for more information on how the right generator can benefit your farm, industry or household.
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