Wiltipol Sheep and Boran Cattle

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Wiltipol Sheep and Boran Cattle

G'day, everybody. A little about my farming career. The bride and I are farming on a small irrigation farm in Northern Victoria. I also work off farm (like many others) lopping trees. On the farm we run Wiltipol x sheep & small Boran x cattle. In the past our farm was larger but when my father passed on, the farm had to be split up. After the division I purchased some Dorper sheep, thinking that it would be easier than wool sheep. Wrong! Anyhow I have slowly rectified that problem by purchasing some Wiltipol rams and keeping the female offspring for breeders. During the 80s we were not happy with the traditional English cattle ie. Shorthorn and Hereford. They broke down with pink eye, photosensitivity, mastitis and the like. So we tried the Euro cattle. However, there were calving problems and they wouldn't finish on grass, plus they got agitated when yarded. Next! After seeing them at Mel Gibson's farm Beartooth at Gundowring, I tried Santa Gertrudis. At last things were starting to look up a bit with none of the above-mentioned problems or very little of them. Anyhow after droughts and low cattle prices, the Santas were moved on. Then a few years ago an opportunity came to get back into cattle with the purchase of some Angus, Murray Grey cattle & a young Angus bull. Now the fun begins. But alas! Calving did not go as planned as calving difficulty (dystocia) put a real dampener on things. It's so disheartening to put so much time and effort into your livestock, only to be told by the vet that there's no chance for a downer cow. And then comes the vet bill! Just about then I saw an ad on farmstock.com.au for a Boran bull. What's that? Never heard of them. Anyhow after a bit of research and a few phone calls, a small Boran bull and a few cows are contentedly grazing out in the paddock. The Angus and Murray Grey cows are dropping calves with ease. Now I can sleep well and get to work on time. Here's the thing: Apart from the people I purchased the Borans from, I have never seen or heard of another Boran breeder in Australia. Is there any other breeder on this forum? Please get in touch. Thanks! Col James 

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Hi, I can't say I know anything about the Boran breed, but definately interested as we hope to start breeding cattle and want as few calving / illness problems as possible. We are also hoping to keep a few dorper sheep (mainly for our own comsumption). We are also under the impression they will be easier than wool sheep. However you mentioned that this is not the case. I was wondering what challenges you faced with them? Also as we will only have dorpers on a very small scale, will they still be an unwise choice? Thanks Shannon PS. I grew up on a Merino farm in Western Victoria. I now own a farm with my husband in the Darling Downs QLD.
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Hi Shannon Good to hear from you.

I,m not to keen on telling others how to run there farm .I will give you some links I have found in my research trying to get some better outcomes & income $. Check out these links see what other have done & I wish I had done .  







thanks. best of luck . . col james

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Hi Shannon, there are a number of Boran breeders in Queensland. The ASBI is back up and running and registering new animals. I am a small breeder, there is a school in Ipswich showing Boran cattle (see Ipswich Grammar facebook). If you are after other information visit the Australian Small Boran Inc website. The members have been very helpful to me.


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Hi - yes we have had small Borans for a few years now and they are amazing! They are like lap dogs if you let them - we sit around our fire pit with them and they surround us until they get enough scratches and rubs till they fall asleep. There is a small Boran website set up for Australia. Most easy going and intelligent cattle I have ever come accross. Easy calving tick resistant etc.
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Hi Kyle,


Good to hear from you. Thanks for replying.


I can believe you. Yes, they are so docile and they love human interaction. Even the bull stands still for a scratch on the neck. Wonderful cattle breed!


As I write this, it's 42 degrees outside. Grass is sparse but the Borans are in good nick and more calves are on the way.


I found the small Boran website from which I got the contact of Peter Jolly who later helped me to purchase my cattle.


I recently started an Instagram with photos of my farm & the Borans. It's called bridgefarm-narioka. Have a look when you have the time.  


Thanks again and all the best for the future.



col james

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We have had Borans for 12 years , I have about 45 pure bred polled standard Borans, and about twenty cross with Red Brahman . Col is quite right, Borans are easy maintainance. Less spraying, calving not a problem, fertile,great foragers, I could go on. Karel Saltaire Boran Stud

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