Some advice on tractor implements.

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Some advice on tractor implements.

Hello everyone,

After much research and with some deals going around , I ended up with a Kubota M8540 tractor.
I on a small 20 acre block. We live in north east VIC and the soil is black clay.
I am keen to get some advice on whether I get a rotary hoe and a power harrow or whether both of those are a bad idea.
i am also looking to get a bed former ( small one ).

Am looking for the members experiences on the brands they used and how they served them.
Also of interest are places where I can find used ones. I look up the popular ones and nothing turns up.

From a cost perspective,I can see the hayes brand is local in VIC and are priced nicely.
but not sure if they will hold up.

Thanks all in advance.

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Welcome to the small farming forum and thanks for the question.

I have posted your question to our Facebook discussion group, there are a number of responses from members, you can join the group here

Have you tried the larger online second hand machinery websites when you have been searching?


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Assidic. I find we can tend to over work soils, which degrades the soil. no till practices are more common these days but depends on what you need to do, sow cereals or re grassing? What are you looking to achieve with your tractor implements?

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Mulsher will mulsh/ tear the plant and the slasher will cut cleaner.

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What do you propose to do with the land? This is a big factor in what you need to buy. The other thing is it can be easier and cheaper to contract work out. Contractors have the proper gear and get it done quickly and can offer advice for example I sprayed out paddocks for new pasture excluding chemicals it cost $550 to spray 140 acres as he runs a self propelled sprayer so it took him a day. If I bought a 1000 litre sprayer second hand might cost around $2000 plus running costs then my labour thus would take me about 2 days so let's say 16 hours at $40 Is $640. While it is good to do things yourself you have to factor in a cost for your time.

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