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Just about to begin

Tony Snell,
new guy

Hi Guys, Tony here I intend to buy a small property in the very near future in or around Yeppoon or maybe Atherton area with intent to farm free range pigs for myself initially. If I can get the hang of it and I decide its viable for me, my intent is to go commercial. I am learning right now! I know nothing about free range pigs bar what I have read. I am looking at the starter pack and would like some recommendations as to whether I should buy these books? Also Will the books give me all the clues to start up my small farm including the information required to select the correct property equipment and clear the way for a friendly relationship with council in relation to farming pigs? I look forward to any assistance you guys can offer me and thankyou:)
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Hi Tony,

Apologies for the delay in replying, all our current discussions have moved to our Facebook group which can be found at the link below. You can head across to the group and repost there.


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