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HobbyFarme Insurance

Hi All, I know this is a subjective question but I am wondering how much my insurance should roughly be? I recently got a quote from Elders and its $2000. Covers fencing, irrigation, tanks, sheds, liability and house. No contents, machinery or anything else This seems pricey to me. I'm also paying some sort of Govt Stamp Duty? $207. Do I need a special hobby farm insurance? or can I get away with normal insurance?
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Hi Humbug Farmer,

I know its an old post but just jumping in to let you know that Farmstyle Insurance has recently launched an insurance product just for small farmers.

You can find out more and get a quote at

It's been co-designed with the assistance of hobby farmers here at Farmstyle Australia, please DM them if you have any questions or require assistance.


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hi there. i know its old but here's my two cents worth. We have had to get insurance through Elders as well however, our farm is a bit different to most. We have 8 acres outside of ipswich, qld, and are starting a market garden and we have pasture raised piggies. we did look at these guys here but alas, we are also doing farm style activities programs and people are expensive. we have PL, Contents, Building (limited all around) and costs around $350 a month. Havent looked too hard for better because im a bit busy moving pigs again.

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