Growing cattle pasture

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Growing cattle pasture

Hi All,

We have purchased a small farm ((34 acres) in the Qld Eudlo district and want to improve some paddocks suitable for running cattle. One paddock of about 2-3 ha has a good cover of elephant grass (Pannisetum purpurem). The red soil is in reasonable condition being acidic with low phosphorus with ok iron, calcium and magnesium. We want to get a boost in nutrition of the pasture and would like to add say Rhodes grass (Chloris gayana) to the paddock. Would it go well with the elephant grass, since both are perreniel and stoloniferous. Obviously we would have to add some rock phosphate fertiliser to the pasture to get it going.

Are we approaching this the right way, as we are first time farmers and would appreciate your comments and help ?


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Hi Felix,

Thanks for the question and welcome to the forum.

We are slowly transitioning all of our discussion across to our Facebook group (which has 20k plus members). I have posted your question across to the group which can be found at the link below.







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