AgGuide - Pastures in a farming system (NEW RELEASE)

Agguide - Pastures in a farming system
This publication covers where pastures fit in a farming system for livestock, cropping and the environment.
Table of contents:

Section 1: Your farming system

  • Where pastures fit in the farming system
  • Pastures in a livestock system
  • Pastures in a cropping system
  • Fodder crops in a farming system

Section 2: Establishing pastures

  • The essentials of establishment
  • Inoculating and pelleting legume seeds
  • Selecting machinery for establishment
  • Selecting the pasture species

Section 3: Managing for sustainable pastures

  • Grazing management
  • Plants and animal health
  • Conserving pastures
  • Fertilisers for pastures
  • Managing soils under pastures

Section 4: Water use and irrigation for pastures

  • Planning for irrigation
  • Pasture and crop requirements
  • Irrigation systems

Section 5: Managing risks to pastures

  • Soil acidity
  • Soil structural problems
  • Soil erosion
  • Soil salinity
  • Weeds in pastures
  • Pasture pests
  • Pastures in a changing climate
  • Dealing with drought
  • Pastures and floods
  • Pastures and fire
  • References and further reading 
Published in 2014, Pastures in a farming system is part of the AgGuide series and is 198 full-colour A4 pages.
Price includes GST, postage and handling within Australia.

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