Petrol supply carburettor Massey Ferguson 35 Petrol

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Petrol supply carburettor Massey Ferguson 35 Petrol

Hi there, can somebody please help me solve a small problem, im restoring an old Massey Ferg 35 Petrol Tractor, its almost complete ...
when it starts its idling ok, but as soon as i turn the throttle lever up it starts to cough and splatter and seems like its drowning in too much fuel perhaps, we've changed the needle and seat in the carbi but no difference,
should i just replace the whole carbi with a new one or is there something else we're missing???
much appreciated , regards Ant

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Go for it, bung a two barrel holley with a chrome air cleaner on and really enjoy tractoring. Seriously, it will put a silly grin on your face every time you fire the beast up. The motor ain't far from an MG so maybe a twin SU carbed manifold off an MG Midget might bolt straight on. I've driven a midget with the 1 litre motor and it is a torque monster (for a 1 litre). Or, drop your float level by 5 mm and see if anything improves. If it does, try another 5. A clean air cleaner helps too.

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