Best animals for low maintenance earning on 500 acres - QLD

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Best animals for low maintenance earning on 500 acres - QLD

Hi Guys,

I been a member here for over 12 months loving the content and community. I am in the process of purchasing a 500 acre farm in QLD. The soil is good, I have a 5 year plan to move onto the property full time with family so in the meantime I will doing improvements and construction.

I am wondering in the first 2 years what a good low maintenance animal to grow / graze on. Assuming the water supply and fencing will be adequate. Given that I am not living on the property yet I am looking to be up there a weekend a month.

The property is only 2.5 hours away so If I am needed I can be onsite, and the neighbours are great help as well.

I am not looking to make a profit (income) I am just looking at ways to generate revenue to cover the cost of the property for the first few years.

I have looked at Cattle / Goats / Sheep. Any difference between them? I am looking to generate around $25k per annum in revenue.

Any advice you can offer or suggestions are much appreciated.

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Hi Fazeraus,

Welcome to the small farm forum and thanks for the question.

I have posted your question over on our Facebook discussion group and there has been a lot of activity and a number of really interesting replies.

You can find our small farming discussion group here



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