Queensland livestock owners are reminded to renew their brand, earmark and tattoo registration details with Biosecurity Queensland by January 31.

Biosecurity Queensland Deputy Registrar of Brands Pat Kalinowski said up-to-date brand and earmark registration enabled the ownership of livestock to be established and ensures brands were being used correctly.

“Any changes to address, name or other details should be made with the annual return,” Mr Kalinowski said.

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Sheep and goat producers in Western Australia are now required to record mob-based movements on the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) database.

Department of Agriculture and Food Brands Registrar Farran Dixon said the new recording requirements were designed to accelerate the tracing of sheep and goats in the case of a disease outbreak or the detection of a residue in meat, milk or fibre.

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NLIS is Australia’s system for the identification and tracing of sheep and goats for biosecurity, food safety, product integrity and market access purposes.
To enhance this system, the recording of the movement of mobs of sheep or goats between properties on the NLIS database is being progr
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