Tractors - a Practical Guide

Tractors - a practical guide

This book provides a basic guide to some of the skills needed in tractor operation and maintenance. The book contains step-by-step instructions, diagrams, and full-colour pictures.

  • General safety precautions
  • Notes on tractor stability–the risks
  • General farm safety
  • Perform a pre-start safety check on a tractor
  • Daily service a tractor
  • Oil and filter change
  • Service a diesel fuel injection system
  • General tractor maintenance
  • Drive a tractor (basic)
  • Typical international warning symbols
  • Attach, reverse and remove a trailed implement
  • Attach and remove a 3-point linkage implement.
  • Attach 3-point linkage~Method 1
  • Attach 3-point linkage~Method 2
  • Attach 3-point linkage~Method 3
  • Attach and remove a trailed implement with remote hydraulics
  • Attach, operate and remove a PTO-driven implement
  • Operate a tractor and implement in field conditions
  • Operate a tractor with Precision Control Technology (PCT)
  • Managing work health and safety risks
  • Check Your Skill

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