Farm AgSkills

Farm AgSkills

A comprehensive guide to farm skills. Includes rope knots, wire knots, the basics of electric and conventional fencing, calibrating farm machinery, inoculating and lime pelleting legume seeds, estimating pasture yields, planting trees, soil testing and farm safety. Simple to follow with plenty of diagrams and photos.
122 pages, full colour. Published in 2006.

Table of contents:

  • General Safety Precautions
  • Rope Knots
    • The Clove Hitch
    • The Bowline Knot
    • The Hay Knot
    • The Quick-release Knot No 1
    • The Quick-release Knot No 2
    • The Sheet Bend Knot
    • The Eye Splice
    • The Crown Knot
    • The Back Splice
    • Animal halter
    • Rope Headstall
  • Fencing
    • Clearing and Sighting the Fence Line
    • Erecting Fence Posts
    • Hanging a Gate
    • Running Out and Tying Off Wires
    • Constructing a Horizontal End Assembly
    • Building a Conventional Fence Step-by-Step
    • Safety Precautions for Electric Fencing
    • Wire Joining for Electric Fences
    • Earthing an Electric Fence
    • Temporary Electric Fences
    • Testing the Electric Fence
    • Building an Electric Fence Step-by-Step
  • Pastures
    • Inoculating and Lime Pelleting Legume Seed
    • Seed Drill Calibration
    • Boom Spray Calibration
    • Estimating Pasture Yields
  • Trees
    • Planting Trees
    • Direct Seeding Trees and Shrubs
  • Soil
    • Determining Soil Texture
    • Preventing Soil Structure Damage
    • Testing Soil Structural Stability
    • Measure Soil Acidity
    • Taking Soil Samples
    • Soil Infiltration
  • Safe Work Method Statements

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