The Farming Essentials: A Webinar Series for Sustainable Farm Ownership

Embarking on the journey of farm ownership is an exciting venture, laden with decisions that can shape the course of your agricultural enterprise. To guide you through this pivotal chapter, the Stock Sense team invites you to join our upcoming webinar series starting on February 14th 2024 at 6pm. These sessions aim to empower you with practical insights, expert advice, and key resources, laying the groundwork for a successful, rewarding, and sustainable farming experience.

The farming essentials webinar

Session 1: Owning or Buying A Farm: Assessing What You Want And Have! (14/02/2024)
Dive into the foundational aspects of farm ownership with Malcom J Cock from Farm Dynamics Consulting. Set clear goals, assess locations, choose the right livestock, determine land requirements, and understand soil quality. Pre-assessing a property ensures effective planning for your dream farm.

Session 2: Farm Layout and Essential Facilities (21/02/2024)
Discover the essentials of farm infrastructure, water management, power source location, and layout design. Planning ahead simplifies management decisions and setup, creating a functional, efficient, and safe farm environment.

Session 3: Buying Animals: What You Need To Know (28/02/2024)
Delve into the crucial step of selecting the right animals with insights from both a Nutrien Stock Agent and a Livestock breeder. Explore breed selection, health and genetics, age considerations, and the importance of quarantining new animals. 

Session 4: The First Few Months – A Critical Period (06/03/2024)
Navigate the initial challenges of bringing animals to your farm. Covering transportation, acclimatisation, feeding, routine health checks, and legal requirements when buying new animals.

Session 5: Animal Health, Nutrition, and Welfare (13/03/2024)
Learn preventive care from Dr. Chelsea Hair, a Gippsland-based livestock vet. Gain insights into vaccinations, deworming, nutritional needs, shelter requirements, and recognizing common health issues to provide the best care for your animals.

Session 6: The Long-Term Plan – Sustaining Your Farm (20/03/2024)
Explore sustainable farming practices, future planning, breeding considerations, and engagement with local groups and state programs. Gain insights into regenerative agriculture, setting long-term goals, and ensuring the well-being of your farm for years to come.

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