Making Tractor attachments

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Making Tractor attachments

Hi all,
I have searched online and can’t seem to find any answers. Would anyone be able to steer me in the right direction or have any information on making tractor attachments?
I own a steel fabrication company and have made myself and a few mates some tractor push stick rakes/excavator stick rakes.
Was looking at starting a small little side business of selling these and advertising online. Does anyone know if I need any special qualifications?? Formal certificates? I am based in NSW.
Thanks in advance

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I'm not certain, but I don't believe that there is a regulatory body for agricultural implements in Australia. I think there may be some for certain categories towed implements if they need to be on road for a period of time etc but not for general implements. Though there is a standards AS/NZS 2153.1:1997

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Hi Cal and Nanny,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for the question.

I have shared your question on our Facebook discussion page and there are a number of great replies. The group can be found here


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