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We have approx 25 hectares of land on the East Coast of Tasmania on which we have recently erected shed. We are not farming it yet but do intend to re vegetate it as it is very degraded. What kind of insurance is appropriate and who might provide the best deals?
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Hello Hellen,


Insurance is a specialised field and the answer to your Q is it depneds on what assets you are insuring and against what risks are you seeking cover. - Not very helpful answers. 


Rural Insurance is a seperate field and not all insurers cover it. Can I suggest to begin with,


1) talk with your current insurer and see if they have a section that deals with farm / rural insurance


2) talk with a specialist rural insurance business, there are a number and a quick google search will bring up a listing


3) If your needs are complex talk with a broker (again a quick search will  find many) and they can shop around on your behalf and pool many policies (rural, domestic, life, car etc) together. Good brokers also manage the claims process as well - check in see excatly what services are being offered.




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Hi Helen,

I know its an old post but just jumping in to let you know that Farmstyle Insurance has recently launched an insurance product just for small farmers.

You can find out more and get a quote at

It's been co-designed with the assistance of hobby farmers here at Farmstyle Australia, please DM them if you have any questions or require assistance.


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