Dorpers jumping through fences

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Dorpers jumping through fences


I'm wondering if someone can help me.

I used to own what I believe were Poll dorsets and had no issues except in finding shearers to come out for such a small flock of only 5 sheep.

Recently, I sold the 5 Poll dorsets and bought 5 dorpers so shearing wouldn't be an issue, but now find they're jumping through and over my fences into other people's properties.

I'm wondering if someone can recommend sheep breeds that are good for keeping grass down, and don't have a tendency to get through fencing? Preferably a breed that sheds it's own fleece naturally.

Or is there another type of animal that is good for keeping grass down and doesn't need great fencing to keep it in?

Many thanks and season's greetings to everyone.


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Welcome to the forum and thanks for the question.

I will share it over on our Facebook discussion group which has over 14000 members, the link is below:


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I have 10 ewes and a ram plus a number of lambs at any one time. To be honest the only thing that keeps them in is 1.2m ringlock or similar fence I use 1200 x 150 x 8
In other areas using standard barbed and plain WILL NOT keep them in. also just adding an additional electric wire wont work either. They just stand back and run at it.
We have been successful by having a standout electric wire some 150mm out from a normal wire fence and approx 150mm of the ground which then has a live wire in the middle.
Its the off wire that works it touches their lower legs [ no wool]
Luckily they make a standout plastic item which bolts to the star picket and gives that separation from the normal gate. There is also wire and ceramic stand-off which clips to to wires on the fence

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