Supa soaker garden soaker hose (25m)

Supa soaker hose reel
**Please note this option comes with soaker hose, reel, stopper, filter and hose connection**

Lightweight, easy to manoeuvre watering unit that eliminates the need for costly and cumbersome watering systems, providing the essential results needed to keep your grounds thriving! Simple and fast to roll up and relocate to other areas.
Eliminate the need for expensive and cumbersome watering systems. Sumisoaker is lightweight and easy to move around, a 50m unit weighs only 5kg.
Store it with ease. Irrigation units are compact and easy to store with a 50m unit being only 32cm in length x 23cm wide x 43cm heigh.
Water an area up to 250 square metres (25m x 10m). 500 square metres is equivalent to a full sized tennis court.
Low operating pressure. Maximum operating pressure is 200kpa (30psi).
Variable length. Adjust the watering length by the unique sliding stopper.
Filtration system. Available with a special inline filter.
Low installation costs. Whether for commercial or domestic, Sumisoaker is inexpensive an more efficient alternative to underground watering systems and awkward above ground watering systems.
Key benefits
  •  Eliminate the need for expensive and cumbersome watering systems.                                                    
  •  Easy to store and relocate.
  •  Fine, soft droplets allow maximum water penetration.
  •  Watering cannot be seen from a distance.
  •  Water distribution can be controlled by the sliding stopper.
  •  Requires low operating pressure.
  •  Low or no installation costs.
  •  Minimal investment.
  •  Ideal for use on turf areas such as narrow or sloping lawns.
  •  Used on bowling greens, golf courses, tennis courts, turf and small farms.
  •  Horticultural applications such as seed beds, potted plants and vegetable gardens.
Key features
  •  Maximum recommended operating pressure - 200kpa (2kg/ cm2), 30 psi
  •  Required flow rate - 37.5lts per minute (1.5 litres per metre of hose per minute)
  •  Coverage at optimum pressure / flow rate - 10 metres (5 metres either side of hose)
  •  Water application rate - 9mm per hour at 200kpa
  •  Dimensions and weight - 29cm diameter / 5kg weight
  •  Tube width flat - 62mm
  •  Tube width inflated - 34mm
  •  Number of holes - 6 holes / 310mm of hose
  •  Material - special black polyethylene
  •  Filter - 181 micrometer = 100 mesh
  •  Hose connection - supplied fitted with (3/4 inch) tap thread
  •  Operating length - adjustable length using the sliding stopper
Price includes GST, postage and handling within Australia.
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