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New block on the Darling Downs



I'm Chris.  My wife Michelle and I recently purchased a 100 acre block at Kumbarilla on the Darling Downs. The idea was to use the place as a weekender, mostly to get the kids out of town so that they could do what kids should be doing.


We are still undecided as to what we are going to produce, but there are a few options available to us.  We have a lot of work to do to get the boundary fences to the stage where we can run either Dorpers or goats.  Growing out some weiners is not off the cards either.


The property name is Gravel Ridge, and for good reason. The front half of the block is hard gravel country and the back half is sandy loam.  Its typical Brigalow country, Box, Whispy Belah, Gum and Cypress stands. Goats would be great to get rid of some of the wattle suckers.


Previously it had be used as a small scale aquaculture farm (crayfish) but unfortunately the infrastructure has been neglected and is now pretty much worthless. The dams do remain and still have good water levels even though it is a bloody dry season. 


We are lucky to have a bore with good water and multiple dams. The previous owners have already run the pipes so the bore can be used to fill the dams in a dry season. We put some yabby traps in and caught some good size yabbies.


The previous owners were involved with recreational aviation. We have a 900m long airstrip and an aircraft hangar for good measure.


I hope I can get a few ideas and share some experiences here on this forum.






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hi Chris and Michelle and welcome,

I wonder if you could have a go at growing Red Claw again? A couple of my friends used to grow Red claw to supply restaurants on the sunshine cost and they made quite a good living from it. The other thing you could do is stock the dams with Bass (if deep) and Silver Perch.


Regarding the wattle, my goats will nibbe it, but don't really eat much at all. I currently have about 10 acres of it and intend to Tordon it. I personally have nothing against using a herbicide if necessary, as long as it isn't where run off from it will contaminate a waterway- which is a big no-no.


 Good on you for getting the kids out of town in the weekends. I think kids deserve to have a chance to get out of the city and onto the land. However, I might be a tad predjudiced about that, as I hate living in the city.




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